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Auto Power-on Shut-down 2.83

Control your computer resume automatically
Allows your computer go into the save energy states included standby, hibernation as well as power-off at a specified date and time, help you prevent throwing money away to an always-on system. And it also allows you to auto-start up your computer to work at a specified date and time, even if the system was stopped in hibernation or standby states. Features: Let your computer go to «sleep» as well as power off at a specified date and time. Control your computer resume from sleep states (standby or hibernation). Back up your important files with one folder. Clear up your system to save the hard disk storage space. Playback your keyboard and mouse macro. Run programs, close programs, open files, open URL, reboot , log off, lock session, close monitor etc.. Synchronize your PC's time with an atomic clock server. Easy to use, install and configure the software in 2-10 minutes. Support Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8. Скачать бесплатно программу Auto Power-on Shut-down вы можете на странице загрузки.
Рубрика :
Версия : 2.83
Дата релиза : 11.03.15
Платформа : Windows
Лицензия : Shareware (24,95 USD)
Автор : Lifsoft,INC
Добавлена : 17.03.14
Обновлена : 16.08.17
Система : Win7 x32
Win7 x64
WinVista x64
Размер файла : ~1 МбСтраница загрузки
Рейтинг : Плохо (2,3 из 5)
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